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General Questions

I'm new to exercising. Will EVL be appropriate for me?

Absolutely! While EVL offers a lot of great information for advanced and seasoned exercisers, there is definitely a lot of content that is designed for those who are new to exercising.

I've been exercising for many years. Does EVL offer advanced programs for those like me?

When Oliver (Founder of EVL) first began developing EVL, much of the content was designed with the advanced lifter in mind. Inevitably, everybody who exercises regularly will hit plateaus. With that in mind, EVL will offer lots of great workout programs to help take your workouts to the next level, along with offering plenty of fitness and nutrition tips for advanced exercisers.

My main goal is to lose weight. Will EVL work for me?

Most certainly! While EVL was not designed as a "weight-loss" site, many of the programs, along with fitness and nutrition tips, are definitely designed for those who desire to lose weight. The ultimate goal of EVL is to help EVERYBODY achieve their ideal health and fitness goal. If that includes losing weight, then EVL will help you do that!

How much time commitment is required?

That will totally be up to you. If you're new to exercising and just the thought of physical activity sounds repulsive to you, there are plenty of programs available that you can start with that will only require as little as two days a week, following a 15-minute workout. Even at the advanced level, there are plenty of "condensed" programs offered that would not require a great deal of time commitment.

What kind of results can I expect from EVL?

Again, much of that will depend on what your goals are. Whether your goal is lose weight, build muscle, improve strength, etc, EVL will help guide you on your way to optimal health and fitness.

What if I'm recovering from an injury, can I still participate?

We would recommend that you follow any medical guidelines given by your physician in accordance with the severity of your injury. Then when you're ready to move again, you can go to our Rehab Learning Library and find the injury your dealing with and follow along with the recommended rehab tips.

Do I need to join a health club or some other form of a commercial workout facility?

Not necessarily. Being that many of the exercise programs require very little to no equipment, you can certainly perform those at home, as well as other public facilities like parks, beaches, etc. Although, having a club membership will offer a much greater variety when choosing and designing exercise programs that utilize specific machines or exercise implements. Another option would be to outfit your own home gym with some basic equipment that would not require a big financial investment. Then you can follow along with many of the pre-designed workouts and make equipment substitutions as needed.

Why join EVL when there are so many other fitness products offered online for free?

There are certainly plenty of quality products available online that is offered for free. But you will have to take the time to sort through it all, figure out what will be appropriate for your level of fitness, experiment with them to see if it works, compare them to any previous ones you've tried, go to one site for exercise instruction, another for workout programs, then yet another for diet and nutrition help, etc. It would be a lot of work, but you could do it. Or, you could just join our one-stop shop at EVL and get all the above in one location. Also, understand that we will even recommend that you expand your horizons and see what all is offered out there. And at times we will even share information from some of these other sources who will offer great health, fitness and nutrition tips. But ultimately you will have to decide what will work best for you. Whether you choose EVL or someone else, we will wish you the best in your journey toward optimal health.

With so many different Health/Fitness programs available out there. What makes EVL different?

Along with the answer to the previous question, there is definitely a lot of information available out there (e.g. weight loss, strength training, exercise programming, sport training, rehabilitation, diet, nutrition, etc.). At EVL, it was our goal to gather together the finest resources in all these arenas and offer them to you, where you can then set up your own profile and track your progress by using all the ready-made tools available here, with the help of seasoned fitness professionals helping to guide you along your journey.

You want exercise instruction? EVL has it. You want to see exercise videos showing visual demonstrations? EVL has hundreds of them. You want food, diet and nutrition tips with a smorgasbord of sample meal plans to choose from? EVL has those too. You want an interactive tool where you can put all this together in one place? Then EVL is for YOU!