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ENH has so much in it! Where do I begin?

Indeed, there is a great deal of content contained in here. So the first question would be, where do YOU want to begin? Exercise? Nutrition? Education? To keep it simple, just start one step at a time! If you want to start exercising, you can select an easy sample workout from the beginner section. If your eating habits need a major overhaul, find a simple recipe you can easily put together for your next meal. Just don’t overwhelm yourself and try to take all this in at once.
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Chinese proverb


The key to success when using ENH will be consistency.

  • The more consistent you are, the sooner you will reach your fitness goals.
  • Get into the habit of tracking your workouts and meals, even if it’s only a few times a week.
  • Being consistent with your tracking will get easier as you do it more.

As you progress in your journey to better health, you’ll find that tracking your exercise activities and meal plans will help keep you accountable. This will become more important than just setting goals.


The key to success when using ENH will be consistency.

  • Establish a Plan – If you fail to plan, you plan to fail! Therefore, having a plan in place help you determine how well you’re progressing, as well as pointing out where you may be falling short.
  • Set realistic, attainable goals – Start easy by asking yourself what you’d like to achieve in 30 days; e.g. drop 2 dress sizes…reduce caloric intake by 500 calories per day…increase strength by 10% …reduce aches and pains…etc.
  • Make small changes at a time – 3.It is not necessary to jump into this with an “All or Nothing” attitude. Start by substituting one or two food items. Begin exercising with a basic routine just twice a week. Try getting to bed 30 minutes sooner.
  • TRACK YOUR EXERCISE AND FOODS! – 4.This can’t be emphasized enough. After all, this is the reason why most of our members joined ENH, as we offer you all the tools you need to do exactly that. Then you will see your tracked activity take you closer to your goals.

If you haven’t already, complete your personal profile by filling in all the pertinent information, then you will know what your baseline profile is. Only then will you be able to monitor your progress. Then as you track your eating habits, you’ll see if you’re staying on track or see where you need to improve. With exercising, you’ll see how much your strength is increasing and how your body composition is changing.


The key to success when using ENH will be consistency.

  • Increase exercise activity as you progress, by trying some of the exercise routines that will be more challenging for you.
  • Try new recipes in our recipes section then include them as a regular part of your weekly meal plans. And watch your portions! Just because some foods are healthy, that doesn’t mean you can eat large amounts of it.
  • Invite family or friends to come along this journey with you, then keep each other accountable. You may be surprised how many others wanted to do this, but had no clue where to start.
  • Educate yourself by reading through our blog posts and get motivated.
  • Join our VIP program! If you’ve tried all this feel like you still need help, our VIP Personal Trainer will help you do everything mentioned here to ensure that you will reach your goals! Go to the VIP link here for a full description of what you will get when you join.